We do the hard work so you can take it easy.

Work Injury RX and the Worker’s Choice Pharmacy team up with you and your legal representation to get you the medical service and prescription you need.  Our licensed pharmacists and compassionate staff provide you with the care and help you need to manage your Worker’s Compensation case so you can focus on your recovery. The Worker’s Choice Pharmacy will immediately deliver your medications to your home for FREE, so that you can focus on recovery – while we manage your refills and take care of the hassles so you don’t have to.
Are you an Attorney or Doctor with Work Comp Clients?
Are You An
Injured Worker?

Were you hurt at work?

Injured worker’s like you are often forced to struggle and deal with many insurance and coverage hassles in order to get your medications.  As worker’s compensation claim specialists, we help to quickly eliminate the denials, delays, and out-of-pocket payments that you might experience at your local pharmacy.


We deliver your medications direct to you and in most cases over night. No need to drive to your local pharmacy and waiting in long lines.


You won’t pay for medications yourself because we work directly with your insurance carrier for payment .


Our pharmacy, insurance and legal specialists are here to assist you if your worker's compensation injury claim is being delayed, questioned or even denied by your insurance carrier.

Are You An  Injured Worker?

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 How Does Work Injury RX Help Doctors and Attorneys?

 We take the “Work” out of Work Comp


  We handle the administrative part so you are free to focus on providing the care  your  patients need.

  • Save time coordinating care while we reduce your administrative work.
  • We specialize in the complex medical needs of injured workers.
  • We handle prior-authorizations so you don’t have to.


  We work with the agencies and Insurance companies to advocate for you and your clients.

  • Uninterrupted prescription care, even through denials and disputes.
  • We provide utilization and cost information for settlements.
  • Advanced client prescription management to avoid issues with medications and the insurance carrier. 

We Specialize In Workers Compensation Prescriptions

Our direct-to-you home delivery feature puts you first.  Retail pharmacies aren’t designed to provide personalized, convenient care that injured workers and healthcare providers need.

Benefits of the Work Injury RX and Worker’s Choice Pharmacy team

1. No out of pocket costs.
2. Free and immediate home delivery of medications.
3. Management of refills.
4. Access to our licensed pharmacists and compassionate staff.

Are you an Attorney or Doctor
with Work Comp Clients? 

Are You An
Injured Worker?