Work Injury RX and the Worker’s Choice Pharmacy team up with you and your legal representation to get you the medical service and prescription you need. We specialize in fulfilling the medication needs of those suffering from work related injuries or injuries suffered in auto or other types of accidents. Our experienced and compassionate staff understands the everyday challenges faced by injured patients and we have the resources to assist in overcoming them.

Our licensed pharmacists and compassionate staff provide you with the care and help you need to manage your Worker’s  Compensation case so you can focus on your recovery. The Worker’s Choice Pharmacy will immediately deliver your medications to your home for FREE, so that you can focus on recovery – while we manage your refills and take care of the hassles so you don’t have to. 

We take the hassle out of filling prescriptions at the pharmacy counter and our patients never incur fees or costs. When working with Worker’s Choice Pharmacy patients won’t experience the aggravation of dealing with insurance carriers because we will communicate with them on the patient’s behalf. We also work hand in hand with the patient’s attorney and/or physician(s) to make sure they get the best care possible!

At Worker’s Choice Pharmacy we know that continuity of care is critical when trying to return injured patients back to a productive lifestyle and that is why we will continue to provide medication services even when there are claim disputes or denials. In addition, we realize that no two patients are alike which is why we offer a variety of pharmacy services, including topical therapies, to suit the individual needs of every patient.

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