GUARANTEED Prescription Fulfillment

   Law firms save the time and eliminate the hassles of handling client issues related  to prescription being interrupted.

We simplify things for you by working directly with the carriers and providing medications even if your client’s case is in dispute or litigation. Save time by letting us reduce your administrative work coordinating and resolving prescription issues. The Work Injury RX and Worker’s Choice Pharmacy team provide a simple, hassle free prescription service that delivers medications straight to your clients door with no hidden fees or costs.

 “If your client isn’t taking their prescription,
you probably don’t have a case”

Work Injury RX and Worker’s Choice Pharmacy, GUARANTEED Prescription Fulfillment. Eliminate unnecessary calls by referring clients to Worker’s Choice Pharmacy where our experienced, multilingual and sympathetic staff can assist them with all their medication needs and concerns. Our high quality service allows you to focus on your client’s cases and not worry about their medication treatment. 
We handle the administrative part so you’re free to focus on providing the legal representation your clients need.

Your clients have suffered enough and shouldn’t have to suffer hassles managing their worker’s compensation injury prescriptions. We make sure your clients are getting the prescription care they need by partnering with your representatives and treatment professionals.

With Work Injury RX and the Worker’s Choice Pharmacy team, your clients will have access to experienced pharmacists who specialize in pain management and the complex worker’s comp system. Our care team is ready to assist your clients at a moment’s notice.

 GUARANTEED prescription fulfillment, regardless of employers, disputes or denials

    When you refer your clients to us, know that they’re in good hands. We work collectively with all parties of the claim to ensure a hassle-free service for your clients and eliminate your administrative hassles.

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