GUARANTEED Prescription Fulfillment

We insure that your patients receive their prescriptions, regardless of employers, disputes or denials.

We offer a simple, hassle free prescription service that delivers medications straight to your patient’s doors. We understand the complexity of worker’s compensation, auto and other injury claims and have the resources to overcome the challenges associated with these claims.

As the treating physician we believe that you know best when it comes to patient care and that is why we will provide prescription services for your patients regardless of denials because of disputes and litigation. We understand that time-consuming paperwork and phone calls often come along with the treatment of injured patients and we are here to support your practice and help alleviate some of the administrative burden.

We help Physicians to save time and eliminate hassles while providing convenient prescription service to their patients without interruptions. We handle the administrative part so you are free to focus on providing the care your patients need.

  • Save time coordinating care while we reduce your administrative work.
  • We specialize in the complex medical needs of injured workers.
  • We handle prior-authorizations so you don’t have to.

We deliver more than just medications.

It’s not just injured workers who benefit from using our service. We help to free up your time and energy so that your practice isn’t focused on prescription nightmares. 

Here’s how we help:

GUARANTEED prescription fulfillment. We insure that your patients receive  their prescriptions, regardless of disputes or denials. We help you to save time and hassles by coordinating care and prior-authorizations. You and your patients get access to experienced pharmacists for clinical counseling  

Your patients have suffered enough and shouldn’t have to suffer hassles managing their workers’ compensation injury  prescriptions.

We make sure your patients are getting the prescription care they need by partnering with your representatives and treatment professionals.

With Work Injury RX and the Worker’s Choice Pharmacy team, your patient will have access to experienced pharmacists who specialize in pain management and the complex worker’s comp system. Our care team is ready to assist your patient at a moment’s notice.

GUARANTEED prescription fulfillment, regardless of employers, disputes or denials

When you refer your patients to us, know that they’re in good hands. We work collectively with all parties of the claim to ensure a hassle-free service for the patient and eliminate your administrative hassles.

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